Solar Eclipse March 2015 / Sonnenfinsternis März 2015 (Full Time-lapse)

The whole solar eclipse as time-lapse video. And as a bonus two planes crossing the sun´s disc while the eclipse (in slomo at the end of the video). The equipment was a consumer digital camera, a tripod and a filter made with AstroSolar safety foil – nothing else. I Had to track the sun manually […]

Had an awesome arcade of vintage games

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Or skip it all together because your ex suggested it

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Record companies are like loan sharks

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Hell, the whole reason the field is called „masculinities

That a sign of trouble for the party before the midterms. It will take weeks to precisely diagnose the drop off in GOP support. But in recent years, the GOP has relied heavily on suburban votes to maintain safe seats in Congress, as they used redistricting to carve out more favorable districts for the party. […]

Came the Nokia Talkman, a portable phone that came with a case

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It has all been treated the same

Handbags Replica Fermin Domingo, 61, climbs up the side of a sugar cane hauler for the last time. The haul truck driver has worked at Hawaiian Commercial Sugar (HC company for the past 40 years, harvesting and hauling sugar cane to the mill. This is the last of Hawaii’s sugar mills, and it too, is […]

„The acorn tried to look from deep under the soil

high quality replica handbags Boruto’s genjutsu weakness has been confirmed by Mitsuki and Shikadai. He was caught by that guy’s genjutsu and again against the snake lady’s genjutsu. I highly dislike this particular weakness though because it’s lazy and another jab at the „he’s his father’s son!“ thing. high quality replica handbags wholesale replica designer […]

Just like him, many iPhone users would like to use Note app on

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If conflicts come up, instead of taking all the group’s time

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