Kosmonautenbar Im Oberdeck Hannover Am 10.09.2016

Es erwartet euch von dawadais seite eine nicht langweilige slideshow mit sci-fi stills und videoclips und etwas lichttechnikkrams.

kosmonautenbar flyer final

Solar Eclipse March 2015 / Sonnenfinsternis März 2015 (Full Time-lapse)

The whole solar eclipse as time-lapse video. And as a bonus two planes crossing the sun´s disc while the eclipse (in slomo at the end of the video). The equipment was a consumer digital camera, a tripod and a filter made with AstroSolar safety foil – nothing else. I Had to track the sun manually und correct the movement of the sun in the video also manually in Premiere Pro and then with the tracker/stabilizer of AfterEffects.

Die sonnenfinsternis als zeitrafferaufnahme. Zufällig hatte ich auf dem videomaterial zwei flugzeuge, die über die teilbedeckte sonnenscheibe flogen. Die aufnahmen sind in zeitlupe am ende des videos zu finden.

Here a sequence rendered from stills of the video footage
Hier noch eine zuvor entstandene version aus einzelbildern zusammengeschnitten:

And last a comparsion of the manually stabilized footage (left in the video) and the attempt (right side) to make it a little more stable with ffmpeg. I think the ffmpeg algorithm was not expecting this kind of footage.

Zu guter letzt ein vergleich der stabilisierung von hand und der versuch von ffmpeg das ganze noch mehr zu stabilisieren – leider ein vergeblicher versuch.

Here and there would appear Joan Didion or Janet Fitch

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Palladium has a melting point of 1554

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wegen puren Hass der gesamten Community

Man stelle sich vor, jemand im richtigen Fernsehen reagiert so unprofessionell und sensibel darauf, wenn 1% der Zuschauerschaft seines Formats ihn scheie findet. Die Person wird auf ewig arbeitslos sein, weil „ungeeignet fr die Branche“. Wenn sein Leben mehr zu bieten hat als Videospiele, dann soll er sich halt endlich einen richtigen Job suchen. Ich stehe durchaus hinter Simon wenn es um sinnlosen Hate geht, aber das Format KHD Soulsborne erfreut sich allergrter Beliebtheit, mehr als die meisten anderen Sachen auf dem Sender. Trotzdem bricht er es aufgrund von „zu viel Hate“ ab. Ich muss beinahe innerlich zusammenzucken, whrend ich die folgenden Zeilen schreibe, aber sogar Sandro geht souverner mit solch einer Situation um. 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Euch kann man es eh nie recht machen. So macht es mir keinen Spa mehr. Nach Bloodborne ist fr mich Schlu, ich mchte nicht weiter euer Prgelknabe sein und mir auch noch Mhe dabei geben mssen, meine hater zu unterhalten. Ich habe auch Grenzen und die sind jetzt erreicht. Ich habe bei Gott versucht, es euch dieses Mal Recht zu machen. Pltzlich bin ich ein Lgner, ein Betrger, als Idiot werde ich von euch ohnehin stndig beschimpft, nix darf man anders machen, alles schn auf der fr den Neuling natrlich unsichtbaren Ideallinie. Vorher das Kmpfen ben? Unmglich, das wre ja vorspielen! Dann lieber jede Woche 2h, so lsst sich dann auch viel leichter darber meckern, dass sie wieder alles vergessen haben! Meiner Ansicht nach habt ihr alle hier nen ganz canada goose outlet florida blen Dachschaden, wenn ihr denkt, dass Kleinigkeiten wie Items eure Hass Kommentare rechtfertigen. Das tun sie nicht. Ihr benehmt euch einfach nur scheisse. Das ist die Wahrheit. Sonst nix. Ab jetzt lese canada goose kensington parka uk ich hier nicht mehr rein und nach Bloodborne canada goose parka outlet braucht ihr mich nicht mehr zu sehen, versprochen. Fr Dark Souls 2 und 3 wird sich sicher ein anderes Duo finden. Mimimimon? IDGAF. Mein Leben hat mehr zu bieten als Videospiele. Ich brauche keine Archievements, um im Leben anzukommen. Und ob irgendwem meine Level up Strategie gefllt, ist mir sowas von latte. normalen Menschen canada goose outlet toronto factory kann man gar canada goose outlet edmonton nicht erklren, wie bescheuert das alles ist. Die erklren einen fr verrckt, das man sich mit solchen Verrckten berhaupt erst abgibt. Ich mchte nochmal ausschlielich klarstellen, dass ausschlielich die immer wiederkehrende Hetze der Souls Fans“ der Grund dafr ist. All diese Spiele sind fett und werden von mir privat weiter gespielt werden. 😀 on air“ habe ich leider exakt alle Vorurteile besttigt bekommen, die mich von Anfang an davon abgehalten haben, diese Reihe zu starten. Ich bin sehr enttuscht von der canada goose outlet store quebec Souls Community, ihr seid null inklusiv, unfreundlich, arrogant und berheblich. Das wurde mir im Vorfeld anders erzhlt. Schade. Dachte wir als gamer“ Gemeinschaft wren da weiter. Danke fr alle netten Kommentare, ihr erreicht mich weiterhin in unserem Forum. An alle anderen: es sind nur fucking spiele. canada goose outlet trillium parka black Leute aufs belste beleidigen, weil sie in einem Spiel irgendwas anderes machen als ihr? Grow up.ich Simon persnlich kenne, bat ich hier um eine Stellungnahme seiner Stellungnahme!botmonUnd die Verteidiger aus dem Forum stehen direkt bereit:Jo Simon, im Vergleich zu der Nioh Community/Zuseher (die dir mit Rat und Tat zur Seite gestanden ist und sich ber jeden Erfolg mitgefreut/ geweint/ gelacht hat und dir die freie Wahl gegeben haben) ist/sind die Dark Souls Community/meisten Zuseher echt oft eine Plage oft nur am kritisieren (seit den ersten Folgen von Dark Souls 1 bis zur letzten Folge Bloodbourne) oder verlangen wie man spielen sollte, wie sie es x Mal besser machen als du, oft nur am beleidigen oder nrgeln etc. Falls du es vorspielst, wird es kritisiert falls es Dennis und Ede tun wird es gefeiert etc.Ich finde den Schlussstrich gut, auch wenn ein Teil der Zuseher auf seine Kosten kommt du musst auch an https://www.thomas-sz.com dich denken und nicht an andere (Leute aka Heuchler die meinen, man sollte es nicht ernst nehmen und auf das Like/Dislike Ratio verweisen oder dass es nur ein kleiner Teil der Community ist die denken auch nur wieder an sich, dass das Lets Play weitergehen soll und denken wiederum nicht wieder an dich).Wenn es dir keinen Spa machen sollte, dann solltest du nicht auf Kosten anderer es weiter fortfhren (egal wer es ist bzw. die Grnde) du hast meine virtuelle Untersttzung sicher.

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Trump and the Republicans want to expand the social inequalities and warpath of the United States. Indeed, Trump wants to fence America from Muslims and Latin America, especially Mexico. His tyrant complex eggs him to shout or shoot down all alternatives to his impracticable and undocumented solutions.

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Before we proceed with the call, please note some of the canada goose outlet mall statements made in today’s discussion may be forward looking and must be viewed in conjunction with the risks and uncertainties involved in our business. Thesafe harborlanguage contained in our press release also applicable for this conference call. The transcript of this call will be made available on our website.

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As for the game, its busted, getting around initial crashes is

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Just as in Syria, the people of Yemen will need support to

Hold Back Your Tears for Yemen

cheap Canada Goose The UNDP recently held its Resilience Development Forum (RDF), looking at how the international community can support the many millions of Syrians canada goose uk displaced by civil war. It has taken over four years of conflict but delegates at the RDF at least now recognized that only a political solution can bring an end to the fighting and give hope to the displaced that https://www.hotcanadagoose.com they might return home and build a future in Syria. Whether the need for a political solution will be recognized by the peace talks scheduled to restart soon in Vienna is, of course, another matter entirely. cheap Canada Goose

buy canada goose jacket It is unfortunate that it has taken the crisis facing Syria’s displaced millions and now the spread of ISIS’s brutality to Paris and Beirut for the world to again focus efforts on ending one of the Arab region’s most brutal and deadly conflicts. It was only when Syrian refugees started reaching European shores that the international community began again to look seriously for a solution. As the UNDP conference concluded, I was left to wonder canada goose outlet authentic what disaster will it take for the world to seek an end to the region’s forgotten conflict: the civil war currently raging in Yemen. buy canada goose jacket

Canada Goose Coats On Sale Though it has long been beset by weak state institutions, Yemen has traditionally had a strong society that has maintained its clan structure. This despite the radical changes modern Yemen has undergone, from the end canada goose outlet hong kong of colonialism, its division into two states, to unification and internal conflicts that have rocked the country since. However, since 2004, a sect within Yemen’s Shia minority the Houthis has engaged in an insurgency that escalated into a civil war after they overthrew canada goose uk site the country’s government last year. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

uk canada goose The coup ultimately led to Saudi led intervention in support of Yemen’s deposed government, creating a conflict in a sense very similar to that in Syria, pitting the previous government, backed militarily by a coalition led by Saudi Arabia that includes the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Jordan and others, against the Houthi rebels (alleged by the Saudis to be supported by Iran), and a third factor, Yemen’s canada goose outlet long established militant extremist groups, including al Qaeda and potentially now ISIS. uk canada goose

canada goose coats The escalation in the conflict has seen thousands more suffer the effects of war, and led to the UN’s humanitarian lead in Yemen accusing Saudi Arabia of breaching international law following air strikes on heavily populated areas. As if civil war and bombing campaigns were not enough for the Yemenis to endure, earlier this month the country’s fifth largest city was hit by a cyclone, plunging 1.4 million people into desperate need of UN assistance. Despite this, the conflict has been all but forgotten. canada goose coats

It surely should not take a humanitarian disaster on the scale of Syria or for European cities to bear witness to the appalling crimes of ISIS to force Yemen on to the international agenda.

canada goose uk outlet As with Syria, the solution lies not with internationalizing the conflict, but in internationalizing the political and peace efforts. To do so there are a number of no doubt uncomfortable truths that the Saudis will need to recognize, not least that the Houthis are not simply going to vanish, and that Iran’s canada goose outlet toronto influence in the region is now a fact of life for Arab countries. The Iranians too should know that the region cannot go on supplying the venues for its proxy conflicts; peace negotiations are about bargaining, it is for all parties to make concessions in favor of the wider goal of peace in Yemen. canada goose uk outlet

uk canada goose outlet At the moment, there is little hope for the Yemeni people. Though UN Security Council resolutions exist to protect vulnerable groups in conflict such as refugees and women at risk of sexual and other gender based canada goose outlet houston violence they are near worthless when there are no local or international institutions prepared or capable to implement them. In circumstances where there is no effective government to protect people in conflict, then surely the international community has a responsibility to implement these standards and protocols? uk canada goose outlet

canada goose coats on sale Rather than escalating the conflict, foreign intervention should be concerned with promoting dialogue, not drone strikes. Just as in Syria, the people of Yemen will need support to bring an end to the conflict and build lasting peace. It is only by involving all parts of Yemeni society including the women of Yemen that a lasting strategy can be established to end not only the war, but years of internal violence. This must start with comprehensive demilitarization in a country where radicalization has been exacerbated not solved by escalating conflict. But pressure to switch resources from military interventions instead to political efforts is like international media coverage of the conflict almost non existent. canada goose coats on sale

Canada Goose Online The people of Sa’ada shelter from Saudi bombs while Houthi rockets strike densely populated parts of Taizz, and the people of Sana’a recover from suicide bombings claimed by canada goose outlet toronto address ISIS. Can the world even be said to be tolerating these atrocities if it canada goose outlet in chicago is canada goose outlet ottawa not even aware of the suffering of the Yemeni people? There needs to be an urgent effort to bring to the table the tribes, the women, the politicians and the factions, there needs to be action on behalf of the neighbouring powers to put aside their narrow interests for the benefit of the Yemeni people Canada Goose Online.

By 2010, it declined to 37 percent, and it kept on declining

canada goose coats on sale Flint was previously got its water from the City of Detroit. The problem was that Detroit charged them an arm and a leg for it, and did in fact jack up rates. It was seen as a big point of corruption at the time. I knew they were coming after him with a big story a while back, but the details were absolutely not spelled out to me! New York Magazine had been planning to do a hit piece and that was before Ronan Farrow came out with his article in The New Yorker. The New York Magazine story got killed and Harvey was also able to somehow get things killed with the NYPD early on they buried a tape. People have friends in high places. canada goose coats on sale

canada goose factory sale Handling the Harsh WeatherThe cold weather often brings skin dryness in many areas of the body. The cold and dry air pull moisture from canada goose outlet shop the body and the skin really suffers. One of the parts often left uncovered when it is cold is the nose. This got me thinking about English. It seems like not only is English rife with synonyms, but with words that sound like they should mean one thing but mean another (like how inflammable means flammable), and words that are close in meaning, but not quite the same. And even native English speakers keep making the same mistakes, and I see that as evidence of a canada goose outlet mall default in the language itself. canada goose factory sale

buy canada goose jacket cheap They lose canada goose jacket outlet store sleep over them. They really canada goose outlet legit care. They also understand.. President Bill Clinton doubled canada goose outlet florida down on his 1994 Crime Bill, pulling back canada goose outlet reviews from his recent apology for his role in the over incarceration of young African Americans. Instead, canada goose outlet london uk today he labeled these youth in similar fashion to his wife’s description 20 years ago, as a type of predator that leads to people being „hopped up on crack.“ Mass incarceration has largely been the type of stain on the Clinton legacy with Black Americans that doesn’t wash out with words. Clinton’s bill has left in its wake a trail of devastated African American families cut off from loved ones that have served sentences for nonviolent drug offenses that were decades too long. buy canada goose jacket cheap

cheap canada goose uk I want to love Fallout 76, namely for its addition of co op play and the representation of a region dear to my heart. I simply can I wouldn say the latest Fallout title is abysmal or canada goose factory outlet even bad, just very canada goose outlet england middling. It removes many of the series strong suits and attempts to make up for it by adding in new mechanics or strengthening lesser ones. canada goose parka outlet uk cheap canada goose uk

canada goose uk black friday „There, in the back row, sitting on the aisle, was Mel check this link right here now Brooks. The older man saw Mel and went after him. canada goose outlet ottawa I thought that, for sure, Mel would say something to calm him and take him outside. The two terms are not synonymous. Joy is present regardless of circumstances whereas happiness is contingent on pleasing happenings, indeed the word’s origin is the same as the word happenstance. We touched on how joy is something spiritual and really defies explanation. canada goose uk black friday

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uk canada goose Mone received the first of several Grammy nominations for „Many Moons,“ a song from her 2007 release Metropolis: Suite I (The Chase). In Metropolis, androids are „the Other“ in a dystopian reality set in 2719. The story of Metropolis revolves around Cindi Mayweather just one of the characters Mone would perform as, onstage and off, for much of her career.. uk canada goose

cheap Canada Goose As the public’s frustration grew over rising pump prices and dependence on oil imports that transferred billions of dollars canada goose outlet in vancouver to hostile regimes overseas, Exxon became a natural lightning rod. The corporation managed this criticism with the same coolheaded patience and indifference that it employed to endure political risk in tinpot African dictatorships. Compromise was not the Exxon way.. cheap Canada Goose

Canada Goose Parka Had it not been for the zeal with which Ford’s grandfather,Henry Ford, collected traces of America’sIndustrial Revolution, there might be little left to remind us of our not too distant history. Their pattern of display at theHenry Ford MuseuminDearborn, Michiganis vastly different from that seen in most otherscience museums. In Dearborn, visitors can observe minute changes in technology and design. Canada Goose Parka

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canada goose clearance Unable to attract sufficient federal subsidies, at least until now, for profit charters have been going out of business. In 2007, for profit management companies ran almost half of charter schools that were part of chains or larger networks. By 2010, it declined to 37 percent, and it kept on declining as legitimate businesses, like Edison, left the industry. canada goose clearance

uk canada goose outlet My working hypothesis is a person’s top movie list is dependent on their generation, ultimately canada goose outlet sale their age. Certainly there are young people who shun new movies and are experts on old black and whites. Likewise there are older people who, maybe never watched movies early in their life, and now only see newer fare uk canada goose outlet.

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Replica Bags Wholesale And the main message of the people who wrote, phoned or tweeted is one we share: the independence, real and perceived, of CBC journalists is critical for our credibility with Canadians.The CBC Ombudsman weighed in buy replica bags online with a review (you can read it here), and delved into many of the nuances around what journalistic independence really means in this day and age; around the virtues of transparency; and around the challenges distinguishing between real conflict of interest and perceived conflict of interest. It was, she noted, a „conundrum.“Conundrum was a good choice of words, because we’ve had to wrestle with a number of competing ideas while we reviewed our policies. On the one hand, it’s important for our journalists to be out speaking to all sorts of different groups in our communities. Replica Bags Wholesale

Replica Handbags TILLING has established itself as powerful tool for functional genomics and reverse genetics. This is a high throughout methodology of a high molecular reverse genetics technique and mutation induction, allowing for the mining of new alleles in a known locus and can good quality replica bags be performed at a very early stage. The end product of TILLING process is high quality replica bags a plant that has been identified with a change in specific gene of interest. Replica Handbags

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