Kosmonautenbar Im Oberdeck Hannover Am 10.09.2016

Es erwartet euch von dawadais seite eine nicht langweilige slideshow mit sci-fi stills und videoclips und etwas lichttechnikkrams.

kosmonautenbar flyer final

Solar Eclipse March 2015 / Sonnenfinsternis März 2015 (Full Time-lapse)

The whole solar eclipse as time-lapse video. And as a bonus two planes crossing the sun´s disc while the eclipse (in slomo at the end of the video). The equipment was a consumer digital camera, a tripod and a filter made with AstroSolar safety foil – nothing else. I Had to track the sun manually und correct the movement of the sun in the video also manually in Premiere Pro and then with the tracker/stabilizer of AfterEffects.

Die sonnenfinsternis als zeitrafferaufnahme. Zufällig hatte ich auf dem videomaterial zwei flugzeuge, die über die teilbedeckte sonnenscheibe flogen. Die aufnahmen sind in zeitlupe am ende des videos zu finden.

Here a sequence rendered from stills of the video footage
Hier noch eine zuvor entstandene version aus einzelbildern zusammengeschnitten:

And last a comparsion of the manually stabilized footage (left in the video) and the attempt (right side) to make it a little more stable with ffmpeg. I think the ffmpeg algorithm was not expecting this kind of footage.

Zu guter letzt ein vergleich der stabilisierung von hand und der versuch von ffmpeg das ganze noch mehr zu stabilisieren – leider ein vergeblicher versuch.

Leverage over Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

On a weekly basis, mods will nominate posts they find extra intriguing, insightful, or creative. They do not necessarily have to be serious, self posts, or big statistical evaluations, but they do need to require that extra level of effort, unlike a typical shitpost, screen grab, or link to an article. At the end of the week, the mods will vote over the nominations and pick the best post of the week.

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„), a guitar solo that led into the famed neo operatic call and

The strangest rock classic ever

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Remember most 10 year old boys have seen porn

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When it came time for the traditional post game storytelling I

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Je kunt altijd zien of iets van Armani is of van een normale

Ik deed al in 2005 een productomslag voor Chanel Allure Cologne. Maar nooit een albumhoes, ‚Adams‘ brief aan Kanye West. ‚Helaas moet ik op dit moment weigeren, en ik vraag dat u ophoudt en ophoudt met het gebruik van mijn foto of afbeelding van mij om uw album of een van uw werken te promoten.

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Fr Murtagh, who also thanked the many who had supported him in the face of such torrid times, mentioned the word ‚evil‘ on more than one occasion. Saying how it had a profound impact on the community. But that same community had rallied in numbers to offer comfort to those suffering, young and old..

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„I think the fans will buy into that. They want to see players work hard, giving everything. That is one of the main things the manager has put across to us. There are more video game design schools out there today than ever before. This is because more and more people are playing video games and more people are looking to get into the industry as a profession. Over the past 10 years or more, the industry has been growing at a rapid pace.

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